What is a Ride and Drive?

At Drive Electric MN, we believe that one of the biggest barriers to electric vehicle adoption is lack of experience. A huge part of deciding on a new car is the driving experience, and folks just don’t know how much fun EVs are to drive. EVs offer instant power and one of the smoothest rides possible. We host Ride and Drives at different workplaces and events around Minnesota in order to give people that opportunity. Occasionally, we also partner with organizations like Midwest Evolve or Connexus Energy to put on events.


With a Ride and Drive, employers and others interested throughout Minnesota can host an “EV day” for their workforce or event. For these events, Drive Electric Minnesota brings up to eight different EV models to your location, and attendees get the unique chance to try different EV models, compare and contrast, and learn about the technology firsthand!

Why Do a Ride and Drive?


Hosting a ride and drive shows your employees and the surrounding community that you care about sustainability as well as reducing the cost of their commutes.


Ride and drives offer a great opportunity to ask questions and learn about electric vehicles from those who know them best, their drivers. You’ll also be able to get behind the wheel of a new EV and see what all the fuss is about. They are also a great opportunity to talk about organizational sustainability goals.


We love connecting people with our expansive network of EV enthusiasts and dealers. It is part of Drive Electric MN’s mission to expand the range of driving options in Minnesota. By showing people the joy and ease of driving an EV, it can help expand the market in Minnesota.

What We Provide

Drive Electric Minnesota collaborates with its large network of highly knowledgeable EV enthusiasts and auto manufacturer representatives to help staff our Ride and Drive events and to ensure that all questions are answered.


  1. We can line up a speaker to present on EV-related topics like workplace charging, benefits of adding EVs to your fleet, and more
  2. We will work with our network of automotive dealerships to bring the greatest and latest EVs for your team to test drive
  3. We will help to coordinate employee sign-ups for the test drives
  4. We will collaborate with you to find highly knowledgeable EV enthusiasts at your own organization, or we’ll find others in the surrounding community

What You Provide

Drive Electric Minnesota is happy to provide all the resources you might need for a ride and drive at your facilities. If you would like to host a ride and drive at your workplace or event, there are a few things to consider:


  1. Pick a date and time that works well for attendees.
  2. Work with facilities at your company to approve the event and notify Drive Electric MN of approval, once obtained.
  3. Get the word out to attendees through every available mechanism. We suggest:
    • Intranet posting (where available).
    • Direct email to prospective attendees.
    • Physical flyers posted around the workplace or community (bathroom stall posting works great!).
    • Announcing at weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings.
  4. Offer some type of incentive to encourage attendance. Many times, this can be as simple as providing lunch or appetizers outside near the ride and drive so attendees have an extra reason to come enjoy the day and experience EVs.

To submit a request for a ride and drive, please email Katelyn Bocklund at kbocklund@gpisd.net

Photos from previous Drive Electric MN ride and drives