Educate your Community

Electric Vehicle Top 10

  • Here are ten key electric vehicle (EV) messages designed to help you educate people in your community about the benefits of EVs and talk through perceived barriers. While not intended to serve as a public handout, this long-form textual document is useful for anyone who wants to start digging into the world of EVs.  

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Electric Vehicle Content Sharing Kit for Communities

  • Content needed to get you started sharing information and resources about electric vehicles with your community. You can cut and paste information and resources onto your website, your newsletter, and use it in a press release to local media. You should customize the content to include activities your city is doing, too. 

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Electric Vehicle Slide Deck

  • More than 100 slides full of electric vehicle (EV) information designed to help educate a variety of audiences. Topics cover EV 101, the state of the EV market, common myths and barriers, and more. We encourage you to select slides and modify them as you see fit to create a custom presentation to fit your needs! 
Intro to CCA Electric Vehicles 101 Charging Electric Vehicles
Adding a Charging Station to Your City State of the EV Market Adding an EV to Your Fleet
Fleet Best Practices Common Myths and Perceived Barriers Tools and Resources

Engage Your Audience

Electric Vehicle Fast Facts

  • Need a handout for your next electric vehicle (EV) event? EV Fast Facts quickly covers EV basics and addresses some of the more common myths and perceived barriers in an accessible, graphical format. Great for distribution at community gatherings and events. 

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Electric Vehicle Quizzes

  • Our electric vehicle (EV) quizzes can be a fun way to test your audience’s EV IQ, whether that be on your website or at an event. Use our questions and answers to create a quiz on your survey software of choice, and you’re ready to start testing your audience. For a fun twist, consider combining the quiz with a giveaway like a Level 2 charging station, week in an EV, etc. 

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Ride and Drive Toolkit

  • One of the biggest barriers to electric vehicle (EV) adoption is lack of experience. Hosting a Ride and Drive event gives employees and community members an opportunity to try different EV models, compare and contrast, and learn about the technology firsthand. Our toolkit contains all of the information you need to organize your own event including a step-by-step checklist, literature to hand out, logistics sheets, social media guide, and more.

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Promotional Tools

Social Media Guide

  • This guide will improve your social media game through with sample tweets and posts, and arm you with helpful tips to educate your followers on electric vehicles. 

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Stock Photos

  • Need an electric vehicle photo for your website or handout? Choose one from our library to kick your graphics up a notch and improve your messaging. 

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Take Action

Minnesota GreenStep Cities Electric Vehicle Best Practice Reference Sheet

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